There’s no place for feelings in a world where everything rotates around the idea of productivity. Anything that has to do with emotions comes nowhere near top priority when capital accumulation seeps through every nook and cranny of the globe. In times like this, is there anything more revolutionary than singing our hearts out, fueled by said feelings and emotions?

Rekah is a collective of sound, writing and playing emotion-laden music. Before you ask any more questions, we’re just as confused as you are when it comes to christening our music with a certain label. Some claimed it’s blackgaze, others have called it post-hardcore, and we heard a couple of skramz along the way as well. But let’s save the debate for another day–let’s just focus on what we’ve been doing, shall we? That is, writing music–stories about humans in all their tangled webs of complexity–and celebrating it on stage.


“Rock bios are a nuisance.” Not an exaggerated thing to say, really.

Rekah are an Indonesian rock band formed in Jakarta in 2014. The line-up consists of Faiz Alfaresi (vocals), Johan Junior (drums), Marvin Viryananda (guitar), Tomo Hartono (guitar and vocals) and Yohan Christian (bass).

They released a single in 2016 titled “Untuk Seorang Gadis yang Selalu Memakai Malam” (links: Spotify, iTunes) which we can describe as a properly-delivered sumptuous composition about restlessness.

The band are to debut a mini-album in the second quarter of 2017.


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