Madah Tundra

Originating from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Madah Tundra were born to celebrate desolate feelings, to be the best company to lose yourself in a barren landscape between dusk and midnight. Heavy rock n roll guitar chords heaved by angry grunts, canyon-deep bass line buoyed by draught crasher of drums and echoing clammy riffs swathed by atmospheric drone sounds. They revive as cast offs of the harsh daily routines, screaming their lungs out about the addictive damage a city can present. The strange silent world of adult, the shining lonely planet of adolescence: The city. Endorsing what a noir writer of hardboiled crime fiction C.J. Henderson describes as:

“..a black, indifferent hell, one which beckons to all types —the stupid, the talented, the cunning, the naive, the hopeful and the self-destructive— to come from around the country to lick at the festering black syrup leaking from its million and counting wounds, begging them to call it honey.”

Madah Tundra are Fian Afandi, Hilmi Abdul Halim and Muhammad Ashari.




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