Kultus is the first EP by Bandung-based Katastrov. The unit consists of Roma (vocals), Arief (guitars) and Satria (Drums). The band presents mosh-worthy and sing-along anthems in the form of heavy riffs, cracked vocals, fast-changing moods and violent drumbeats. From punk rock to hard rock to heavy metal, from daily life to politics and to things scattered along the way, this record emphasizes the demolition of the demarcation between punk rock and metal, inheriting and nurturing what their precursors, UK82-ish bands, started.

If you are into fast, angry, raw and intense stuff then this one is definitely for you to dig.

Stream Katastrov – Kultus EP here.

Order their record (CDs released by Hi-Tension Records, Cassettes released by Disaster Recordshere.

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