OUT NOW: Collapse – Grief EP

08th October 2016

Yes. It is finally here. Today sees the release of Collapse’s astonishing debut EP Grief.
It is no mystery that the man behind Collapse is a talented multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Andika Surya, this pretty much is already known. He arranges the music and plays every single instrument. This may sound exaggerating, but we really encourage you to take some time to listen to the full EP and hear by yourself the infectious charm that composes vigorous passion like a spell: the undeniable catchy riffs that bind some hooked-fill choruses that will ignite the zest inside you.

What makes this album is more exceptionally beautiful is the story behind it.

Andika Surya remarks,

Musically, Grief is a celebration of ambition and passion that have been falling asleep deep in my mind. Lyrically, this record is a chronicle about all of the emotions that have been stalking every now and then, identical with dusk and dawn, pretty much like a transition.

Beneath the overdriven guitar sounds and the energy the album contains, lies a further universe and a deeper ocean of emotion in which to drown and grieve. On the whole, Grief EP is assembled like a collage of simple thoughts, a short romantic diary about feelings that consistently try to surprise us so many times until we no longer feel surprised and are dazed instead.

To celebrate the release of Grief, the band has just uploaded the second single ‘Prologue’ as an acquaintanceship, with the accompanying visual created by Andika Surya himself.

You can watch the video for ‘Prologue’: https://youtu.be/BbO4NhW4UNE

We, at Royal Yawns, are very thrilled to announce that Grief is now officially released.

Grief is available on limited Cassettes and CDs from our store here.
You can buy digital format here.
You can stream Grief on Amazon Music, Google Play, iTunes and Spotify .