About Us

Royal Yawns is a channel of restive sounds, words and pictures. Great people tend to worry and contemplate a lot and we just have got this sensational affection for the escalation of all of those anxieties that follow, thus we exist.

We love to hear and feel what we love to hear and feel, hence this medium is really subjective. Not that we do not pay attention to the quality, character, excellence, etcetera, etcetera, but really, our objectivity is created by all of the things that we are fond of.
So, after all, it really is about subjectivity.

Whether you like what we present or not, that is your call. At least, to despise something you must first know what you hate. ‘Know your enemy’ sort of thing that you must conduct, we assume.

What we try to do is merely about collecting scattered bricks and constructing monuments, developing films and putting photographs in albums. Poets and authors have got their anthologies, we have got ours.

Royal Yawns is one of your sluggish friends who comes and introduces you to some new interesting friends to spend your afternoons with.

Sincerely yours,

Your new friend.