A Title Given by Collapse


Collapse. Photo by Rizal Ashari.
Once upon a rainy day, in a smoky humid recording studio room in the corner side of northern Bandung, a man was looking around to reach for an ashtray to put out a cigarette butt. He smiled at me as i was entering the room with a plastic bag full of lighting properties in my left hand and a bag of snacks in the other. A song playing through the studio monitors. 
I asked whether that was his, he smirked and nodded excitedly. An excerpt of monologue that reverberated around the room, it preceded the best part that my ears later caught: a catchy warble suppressing crunchy guitar sounds, an imagery of fingers swinging power chords and bending down guitar strings. The song seemed to soothe my nervous past memories that suddenly appeared in response to the drizzle that had showered earlier that day. I couldn't help myself from asking what the song was titled. 

Given, he told me.


We started working on this first physical release in the mid 2015. Many questions had come up in my mind since. Whether this album would eventually ever be released or would it just be another shimmering pile of gold inside a treasure chest sinking down into deep dark part of the ocean before it really had ever got a chance to function.

When i first announced Royal Yawns’ complicity in Collapse’s debut mini-album, people were asking me what, if anything, defined Collapse. Slightingly, i answered that i had got no idea, that my decision to be involved in this from the very first time was merely because i trusted and fell for the personalities of the man behind the Band.

Some months later, in the final recording session, in that smoky humid room, after three or four recording sessions that preceded, i finally got my first opportunity to listen to the band’s music. But still, today, when people ask me what distinguishes this new project of Andika Surya Buana’s from his previous ones, i am still barely able to answer the question. I am no expert at describing musical genres.


What i believe will happen following its release is that someone might relate it to other similar musical acts, someone might be ignited, someone might disappoint, someone might drown in excitement, someone might forget anything they have listened to right after the CD stops spinning, someone might be influenced, someone might despise, and someone might want to start his/ her own band right after the tape stops rolling.

Either this eventually turns out to be ephemeral or perpetual, i, and Royal Yawns, will still celebrate it. 273


COLLAPSE single will be available on September 9, 2016.