eleventwelfth/ r e k a h Java Tour 2017


Hailing from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, eleventwelfth and Rekah are now ready to leave their hometown and begin to introduce their music in a live setup to places that much farther than they’ve ever been in as a band.

eleventwelfth and Rekah could be considered as young, with both of this band has not been quite around for long enough, only for approximately under four years old. Started out to be a part of a compilation called “Revolution Autumn #2” in 2016, has marked the first time eleventwelfth and Rekah got lumped together as the representative of emotional music from Jakarta. They’ve been gathering a few attentions from the music scene as both of these bands have achieved something reputable for a band relatively new in Indonesia. With both has released their debut EP earlier this year, eleventwelfth and Rekah are all set to take over and expand their territory.

Presented by Six Thirty Recordings and Royal Yawns Records, home to eleventwelfth and Rekah respectively, both bands are going to head to three different cities in Java namely Malang, Surabaya, and Jogjakarta. Starting from September 1s t to September 3r d 2017, both of these bands will be accompanied with great local bands from each city. The journey will start in Malang on September 1st at Houtenhand, host by Heartfelt Gig Collective, then straight to Surabaya on September 2nd at Kedai 222 host by Rumah Gemah Ripah Collective, and ended in Jogjakarta on September 3rd host by YK Booking Club.

Catch them live!



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