We Befriended Rekah

By the time i got to Kikuchi Tsurutake’s Kikugawa, the place was shattered into a thousand pieces. Blood scattered on the wall, people lying on the floor, some medical staff running back and forth. They, some associates i was scheduled to meet, were already there too: our A&R director, staff publicist, the members of the band, our lawyer and theirs. The situation was very tense, two of the band, the vocalist and the drummer if i’m not mistaken, were stomping and cursing because the security guard had herded them into an empty table. I asked our staff publicist what on earth was going on, he hardly answered and shook in silence instead. For a moment i tried to process. I looked around and found the guitarists of the band dancing on the table and the lawyers sobbing aloud with jolty gasping on two of the chairs that surrounded the table. The deal is not happening, our A&R said. I was so puzzled and asked why. The band are too unstable and agitated, she replied.

I could not let the records drop the deal, this deal ought to carry on, for my name had been promised by the band to be in the ‘thanks to’ column in the sleeve of their debut album. I could not let anyone ruin my dream. This deal shall continue. So i took a deep breath and screamed the loudest scream. I said, listen up you filthy penguins, i am taking over this meeting and demanding the band to meet me outside. Then i rushed to the parking lot.

Not so long, i and the band gathered outside. I quickly waved my hand to a taxi passing by. I asked the band to jump in, they hurried up. We were heading the airport. Along the way, we stopped by a kopitiam to grab something to loosen up things a little bit.

The flight took approximately three hours. When we got to the destination, we took some pictures in front of the famous temple in the country and wrote something barely meaningful on some receipt paper. Things were eventually restored.



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