COLLAPSE by Agung Cai

I felt more than grateful,

I was shaking at that time, it could be one of the best gigs I ever watched.


A good gig, in my opinion, doesn’t depend on how many audiences that attend, rather for me how good the bands perform.

It applied with the band COLLAPSE that played last night. Yeah I call him brilliant, he has one brain with thousand ideas that he puts in the music that he makes.

COLLAPSE “Grief” EP (Royal Yawns Records). I bought the album and felt no regret to spend my penny. Every song has a short and straight to the point lyrics and music (don’t talk too much, just play it loud. lol).

When I listen to the songs, my memory recalls one of my favorite band called CAVE IN (antenna album). But I don’t know if Cave In is one of his influence or not (sorry if I was wrong, I just speak my mind as a common person, not a music expert. lol).

Last night was the first Collapse show, even though it was not their own show (they played as a guest star or opening band or whatever you call that), but in my point of view, Collapse made all the audiences shook in silence, it’s not because they played bad, it was because they played brilliant: noise, crunch, low, distortion, everything is in the music.

Keep up your good work, speak your mind through your music .. cheers..


Photograph and words by Agung Cai


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